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Live Large

Live Large

album: The Heatrock 2

genre: Rap

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Young DecadeZ
About Us Young DecadeZ
Born on June 26,1989 in Hollywood,CA but bred in Bakersfield,CA as Arcale "Young DecadeZ" Turner...Starting his career on a early start at the age of 14 by being put on the college radio stations while in his group by the name of "E.M.W." One station inparticular was a station called W.V.O.F with a highly requested song by the name of So Sinsurr.Complications then continued as DecadeZ became older and seperated his group to go different ways. He had always tried to be different from the mainstream "West Coast" artist. Being battered and bruised by harsh words did not stop DecadeZ at all as he continued to strive for perfection and "professionalism" even though he was a unsigned artist.He slowed down to finish The Heatrock 2 Album and came up with his first solid song that he personally believed in as a "hit" by the named of "Live Large". The Heatrock 2 album is now available.DecadeZ isn't just a artist,but he is a breath of fresh air in a industry where everything is polluted.DecadeZ - A Young artist whose music will survive for several decades. Press Release -Featured in Bakotopia magazine with his group The Local Celebrities -Performed with acts such as Ying Yang Twins,Bone Thugs N Harmony, The Pack, Paul Wall, & More -Featured on Str8hiphop.com -done production for many mainstream artists.. all the way from E-40 to Ja Rule.
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