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Walk Strong

Walk Strong

album: Rock n' Reggae Jazzfunk
genre: Instrumental Rock
The Vibesetters
About Us The Vibesetters
The VibeSetters play Rock n' Reggae Jazzfunk Instrumental Improvisational Soundtrack Music - Peace for all Beings.

The VibeSetters are a Rock n' Reggae Jazzfunk group who have just recently made Santa Cruz,

California their hometown after a not so easy decision to leave their island refuge of St. John in the

Caribbean. The sound that The VibeSetters lay down is a healthy dose of funky rural electronic

reggae rock rhythms applied with urban jazz and hip hop sensibilities which respect the past,

celebrate the present and give promise to the future of music. Their simple, yet textural rhythm

based songs have attracted an enthusiastic and eclectic audience to date with positive responses

to the music from around the globe. A listener from Stockholm, Sweden feels:

"This is not traditional reggae. It is refreshing and mystic. A litte bit moviesoundtrackstyle. Puts me in

a state of euphoria."

Living in the US Virgin Islands shaped the sound of the band to reflect the sometimes tumultuous

conditions created by the struggle between urban progress and preserving paradise. Sensing how

people can be uplifted from violence, poverty, sickness and discrimination through the inspiration of

music, The VibeSetters set upon a mission of equity, justice and peace for all beings. Taking their

music to the mainland has enabled the message and positive vibrations to reach more people.

The VibeSetters music has been described by one reviewer as 'Jimi Hendrix meeting Bob Marley to

collaborate on a retro-rock reggae electronica soundtrack for inner peace.' The band is working

towards attaining a mastery of original musical communication worthy of such a comparison with

classic musical icons like Marley and Hendrix, while incorporating some of the more innovative computer based sonic technologies into the music. They balance their original songwriting and

composition with improvisational tendencies since spontaneity and structure foster the creative

tension which gives rise to new musical creation. The VibeSetters are giving the impression to

listeners of various tastes that they are inventing a new sound with their music born from the cross

pollination of diverse cultural influences with modern perspectives on universally celebrated classic

reggae and rock songwriting.

The VibeSetters are an intelligent and politically concerned band with a strong emphasis on uplifting

the conscience to relieve the social suffering of all. When folks hear the music, they feel the

vibration of the soundwaves and receive inspiration to set upon the mission. The music provides courage

to gather strength for fighting oppression and alleviating suffering. Like a sound swelling inside a feedback

loop... hope, love, truth, equity, justice and peace will resonate louder and stronger until freedom is

the only song we hear and the only song we sing. However, a destination is pointless if you do not

enjoy the ride so, please support music that makes you feel alive.
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