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album: Shine

genre: Alternative Rock

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About Us Tash
Tash: A rich combination of styles blended seamlessly and held together with insightful lyrics that will smash into your chest and send your head spinning into a long awaited dreamlike spell.

The lead singer and songwriter Tash Maloney started off as an aspiring children's author/illustrator. Realizing that her stories were too on edge, she bought a guitar. Later, Tash teamed up with Greenjeans Studios and recorded her debut album as a solo artist with hopes to be taken seriously by other musicians. After selling many CDs, and being featured artist at indiemusic.com radio and on Q102.3 FM out of Woodward OK, Tash knew she had to keep the momentum going. She set out in search of dedicated, ego and drug free musicians who could live up to the CDs current status. Tash finally found the dream team she'd been searching for. The average age of the band members is 22, yet they have 21 years of combined music experience. With every member bringing to the project an open mind, fun demeanor, and a love of opposing genres, they clicked right off. Teaming with Ben Underwood to help co-write the music for her new EP, Tash has ventured into yet uncharted musical waters.

Band members are: Tasha Maloney- vocals, Ben Underwood- bass, Tyler Paul- drums, Charlie Nusser- guitar, Kyle Harmon- Guitar

Tash plans to release EP’s every 8 months, so check out tashmusic.net or myspace.com/tashmaloney often for new music and videos.
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