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Spoke To Loud

Spoke To Loud

album: Spoke Too Loud

genre: Slow Rock

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Sheila Sondergard
About Us Sheila Sondergard

The lovely and talented Sheila Sondergard will first capture you with her eyes, but listen, close your eyes and listen! She's been a staple of the local San Diego music scene for a few years and has grown into a top notch songwriter and performer! Great songs, style and grace! She rock's and seduces, that's Sheila Sondergard..." Tim Pyles FM 94.9 "The textured and sensitive sensuality revealed through throaty vocals, in Sheila Sondergard's upcoming release "Spoke Too Loud" show her growth and maturation as a promising new up-and-comer. Stand out tracks like the "Same ol' Bend" and "Change" illustrate Sondergard's effortless range and wry wit. Overall, "Spoke too Loud" wonderfully highlights a new voice of beauty and independence that is as much pure emotion as insightful intellect". Kelly Grace - Downtown San Diego Magazine In the beginning of 2007, Sheila teamed up with five of San Diego's very best musicians, forming a band of world caliber talent. Their music is extremely diverse and boundary less, yet cohesive, intelligent, and thought provoking. We call it Intellipop, A sound that spans the genres of Jazz, Folk, Acoustic, Rock, Alternative, Reggae, Americana, and pop among others. Featuring 2007 Grammy Award winning drummer Bill Ray, Chuck Prada from the Black-eyed Peas on Percussions, this band is one to watch, and listen to!

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