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album: Roger Mapes and Red Hook Junction

genre: Acapella

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Roger Anthony Mapes
About Us Roger Anthony Mapes
Roger Mapes: a country,gospel,rock singer/songwriter specializing in spreading love and beautiful melodies. Think The Blind Boys of Alabama, The Handsome Family, and Elvis in a blender.

Roger Anthony (Tony) Mapes; singer songwriter, painter, and performance artist was born and raised in Muscle Shoals, Alabama - “The Hit Recording Capital of the World” and the birthplaces of Helen Keller and W.C. Handy. The Muscle Shoals area was populated by an abundance of musicians and visual artists/painters. He began studying music, painting and drawing at a young age with local artists and was encouraged to develop his own unique vision. Roger is influenced by pop, rock, blues, country, and folk, but doesn’t self-consciously follow any one tradition…combining them all into some hybrid of his own.

From 1996-2005 Roger Anthony Mapes performed as YOLANDA singer/songwriter/gender warrior with his/her band “Yolanda and the Plastic Family”. Roger created the character “Yolanda”, wrote the music, created the costumes, toured and recorded 2 discs with “The Plastic Family”: “Welcome To YolandaWorld” (LP) and “Yolanda and the Plastic Family” (EP). For more info on YOLANDA visit:
For Roger’s paintings and other info about Roger visit:
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The Blind Boys of Alabama, The Handsome Family, and Elvis in a blender
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