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Nazienda Press Release

By resurrecturis, 2015-08-16
Nazienda Press Release

Every day a man gets up in the morning, takes the car, goes to work, comes home in the evening and goes back to bed...
Every... Fucking... Day...


As the music and lyrics of Resurrecturis’ fourth album unfold, this tiny, insignificant non-story turns into an existentialist voyage through the grim realities of today’s office work and company life. A fate shared by millions of people worldwide.
The album-title, “Nazienda”, a neologism that merges the words “nazism” and “azienda” (Italian for company, corporation), sets a tone that is tragic and ironic at the same time. Just listen to the song “10:30 Animals in the meeting room”: solid and fierce metallic extremism with crazy animal verses going cuckoo!!!
The songs run through the routine of a typical working day, each number even bearing an indication of the hour in the title: from the irritating buzz of the alarm early in the morning until the character slips into unconsciousness on the couch in front of the TV. In-between a flood of annoying phone calls, company meetings, work on the PC, solidarity among colleagues and introspective reflections.


Resurrecturis began in 1990 and has been around in some form ever since. Over the years they toured with the likes of Vital Remains, Macabre, Impaled Nazarene and released 3 albums and a handful of minor releases.
Today the band is more than everything the expression of founding member, Carlo Strappa, one of Italy’s extreme metal prime movers (his Lethal Metal Zine dates back to mid 80's).

- produced and engineered by Alessandro Vagnoni (Dark Lunacy, Bologna Violenta, Infernal Poetry, Darkside).
- front cover by renamed Italian artist Daniele Cudini.
- "Nazienda - Graphic Novel" written by Carlo Strappa and drawn by Albano Scevola also available.
- guest guitar on the song “16:59 Never happy” by Ferruccio Quercetti of Italy’s rock’n'roll legends Cut (Go Down Rds).
- videoclip for the song “06:30 The alarm”.
- lyric video for the song “19:12 Two half lives don't make one”.
- song “13:00 Lunch break alienation” included in “StreetCult Vol 24” promo compilation. 10.000 copies distributed in the US.
- 4 song ep with acoustic versions of Resu-songs also in the making.


By resurrecturis, 2009-07-27

Resurrecturis plays extremely varied metal music and has the ability to combine melody and fury like no one else!

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By resurrecturis, 2009-07-27

What takes an accomplished man with a solid working position to wake up every morning at 5.30 AM either to practice with his guitar or send emails to people from all over the world?
Why should a full grown professional invest a significant part of his income in the production of a record instead of purchasing a house or a new car?
What kind of person would exchange two weeks sunbathing in a 5 star resort for a rollercoaster ride across Europe in a dirty tour bus?

From mid eighties onwards, Resurrecturis’ mastermind, Carlo Strappa, was among the originators of the Italian death metal/grindcore scene and today he is working as marketing manager in an Italian multinational company. But that ancient spark is still blazing!
“I did never grow out of my juvenile passions. - says Carlo Strappa - I let them grow with me. Most people view musical extremism as a teenage rebellion thing. But I think that it can be much more than that and it can be used to express the most articulate themes.”

"Non Voglio Morire", the third album of Resurrecturis, is the first chapter of a strongly autobiographic 2 album project dealing with the two biggest parts of the author’s life: art and work.
Therefore “Non Voglio Morire” is a reflection on the character of the artist. The album title means “I don't want to die” and is a clear reference to the longing for immortality through artistic creation. But it can equally be seen as a vital scream against the slow death of 9 to 5 zombie workingmen. More than a succession of actions and facts, the album deals with the development process of a human being, from the raging frailty of teenage to the awareness of adulthood, art being a filter and a support along the way. The circular construction of this collection of songs takes the listener on a journey that ends exactly where it began, with the author looking at himself, some 20 years later, putting all the events in between in the right perspective.
The songs "The Origin" and "In Retrospective", respectively the opening and closing track of the album, represent the alpha and the omega of this story that begins in frustration and hatred and ends in serenity and wisdom. Between these two extremes a whole universe of sounds, from an explosive mixture of death and grind to a quasi-traditional blend of heavy rock and thrash, and thoughts all centred on the figure of the artist.

Selling points:
• CD comes in luxurious double digipack with bonus DVD and 12 page booklet
• Cover artwork by emerging Italian painter Samuele Santi
• Professional video clip for the song “The Fracture”
• Free album download from Resurrecturis’ official website www.resurrecturis.com
• Songs on CD samplers on magazines like Legacy (Germany), Terrorizer (UK), Zero Tolerance (UK) + Streetcult Loud Music sampler (USA)
• Interviews on Legacy (D), Metal Maniacs (I), Metal Hammer (I), etc.

About Us Resurrecturis

Resurrecturis began in Italy in 1990 and has been around in some form ever since.
During the course of its history the band has released 3 full-length albums, plus demos, mcd's, ep's and has toured/played with the likes of Master, Impaled Nazarene, Vital Remains, Dismember, Macabre, etc.

On September 25 2015 Resurrecturis will release their 4th album, "Nazienda" on Danish label Mighty Music.

Evil Confronting Evil MCD (1997, Wild Rags Records, USA)
Nocturnal CD (1998, Power Records, Nederlands)
The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell CD (2004, Mondongo Canibale Records, Spain)
Non Voglio Morire CD+DVD (2009, Casket Music, U.K.)
Nazienda CD (2015, Mighty Music, Denmark)

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