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So Long Ago

So Long Ago

album: So Long Ago

genre: Alternative

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Ralph Buckley
About Us Ralph Buckley
Singer/Songwriter...Bluesman....People are turning to the music & images of Ralph Buckley in these troubled times.

"So Long Ago" the new single from Ralph Buckley is getting quite a lot of airplay. So Long Ago "It's a wonderful song- up there with Neptune, in my humble opinion; a great energy, melancholic, yearning, striving... Just like the very best 'pop' music should be. Wonderful recording, too." Ben Fairhall ' "Battling the Behemoth" http://ben-fairhall.blogspot.com/

So Long Ago (trailer)
"Most pop songs are a dime a dozen..."So Long Ago" just has something about it that stays with you long after you've heard it." Marcy Lonski "They say that nothing ever dies" Ralph Buckley
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