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Kim Thayil on New Chris Cornell Box: ‘The Main Thing Is to Represent His Versatility’

Kim Thayil on New Chris Cornell Box: ‘The Main Thing Is to Represent His Versatility’

With the release of a new career-spanning Cornell box set, the Soundgarden guitarist...

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Isabel Knetes
Re: Inflection Point
12/10/18 04:14:36AM
By: Isabel Knetes

My friend have told me about this beautiful song and it has become my favorite song now. The sheaffer writing services are...

Re: Inflection Point
05/08/16 01:10:14PM
By: rehm63

Hello!  This is Ralph E Hayes from The Allison Worley Band.  Here is a track from our latest release called 'Inflection Point'.  Check out the rest of the tracks at theallisonworleyband.com

alan gringo
Re: Digital By Birth
07/02/14 03:47:08AM
By: Digital By Birth

Just recorded the ambient intro to our new Album "The Manufacture of Cool". It's called "The Red Pill."

alan gringo
Re: Digital By Birth
06/27/14 09:06:33AM
By: Digital By Birth

I think that 90's UK Indie music owed a lot to the Punk and New Wave movements over a decade earlier. I mean they kept the riffs and furious guitars of punk but the song writing had a the quirky...

Re: New Blog Entry
05/02/11 05:25:12AM
By: rapmonster

Sorry, when you signup, everything that you add has to be approved by the admin... however, you've been moved to an account that no longer requires approval for uploading media and creating blogs...

alan gringo
Re: Digital By Birth
06/24/14 09:55:30AM
By: Digital By Birth

Brand NEW song "Elephant in the room"

Ok our new song is now up here on Radio Airplay for you to listen to. It's going to be on our album "The Manufacture of Cool" and is another mix of rap, metal...

alan gringo
Re: Digital By Birth
06/22/14 08:45:36AM
By: Digital By Birth

Ok, so I watched "The Hunger Game" last night and it was. . . ok. I know there was a bit of a sensation around it but I didn't think it did anything "Battle Royale" hadn't already done and also did...

alan gringo
Re: Digital By Birth
06/21/14 05:37:47AM
By: Digital By Birth

Just wrote the title song for our "Manufacture of Cool" album. It's going to be ambient tinged post punk with a hardcore edge.

alan gringo
Re: Digital By Birth
06/15/14 10:37:01AM
By: Digital By Birth

Yo just bought a "Def Jux" hoodie. "Definitve Juxtaposition" may have collapsed now - it wa scaught unprepared for the digital age, ie not physical product - BUT it it's day it was the most...


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 New Jimi Hendrix Album "Both Sides of the Sky"

New Jimi Hendrix Album "Both Sides of the Sky"

On March 9, Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings proudly release Both Sides of the Sky, a...

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