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15 Insanely Great Pearl Jam Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

user image 2018-12-24
By: localbandz
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15 Insanely Great Pearl Jam Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

By Andy Greene

Listen to lesser-known gems from the band’s catalog

Most everyone knows Pearl Jam’s early hits like “Jeremy” and “Better Man,” and their first few albums sold in the millions. But starting in the mid-1990s, they did everything possible to back away from the spotlight. Albums like Binaural and Riot Act came and went without much notice, even as their massive cult fanbase grew to insane proportions. They recorded a ton of amazing songs after No Code , and here’s a guide to 15 songs that only the hardcore fans love. (A special shout-out to Pearl Jam super fans Hillary and Kate for helping with the song selection.)

1. ‘Long Road’

Eddie Vedder's contributions to the 1995 Pearl Jam/ Neil Young collaborative album Mirror Ball were pretty minimal, but he did write the haunting ballad "Long Road" during the sessions and it was later released on the EP Merkin Ball . Vedder wrote the song as a tribute to his high school drama teacher Clayton Liggett, but it works as an all-purpose tribute to lost loved ones. It took on a new meaning days after 9/11 when Vedder sang the song with Young at the Tribute to Heroes telethon.

Source: RollingStone


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