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"Slow Down" Feat. Raymond Herrera (from Fear Factory) on THQ's Video Game Alive: MX vs. ATV 2011, No

"Slow Down" Feat. Raymond Herrera (from Fear Factory) on THQ's Video Game Alive: MX vs. ATV 2011, No

album: Phoenix

genre: Rock

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About Us kristenfaulconer

Hello my name is Kristen and I am a singer songwriter from Colorado. My music is about empowering and uplifting people. I am an abuse survivor, and I wrote many of my songs about the abuse I endured and also my struggles with being adopted. Now that I am rehabilitated my mission is to use my music to inspire and help people in the same situation and all people through their struggles in life. My focus is to write music that has a message. I am a survivor and throughout the toughest times in my life all I had was my music, it spoke to me. Now I am creating music to do the same, it is an outlet for expression. I write with passion, from experience and from my heart. My hope is to reach out to my listeners and inspire them to make healthy decisions in their life and to choose to be in healthy relationships. My music is an emotional release of how I feel and I can be brutally honest. Too often we are unable to speak our truth and so I try to create an outlet that we can all relate to, my hope is to unite my listeners by creating something that is universal. My Debut Album is, "Phoenix", come check it out, Thank You : ) XoXo Kristen








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