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Give It Up

Give It Up

album: First Mix

genre: Rap

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About Us GG
Biography I am a residing in New York, USA. I have been have been living here for a few years, but I am from the Caribbean. I have been writing songs since the mid-eighties. The first song I wrote is title “Samantha’s Song” this is a Jazz, when the musician did the demo he produce it as a Western with a Bluegrass sound. I wrote a few Calypso and Soca, but, I have not done any recordings in that area. Back in that period we did live performances. I did a lot of demo recordings while I am here in the USA. I am taking this big step of singing because I think it is time for my work to reach the public. I write any style of music, it just depends on the inspirations at the moment. I really love Reggae music and it has been a big inspiration in my life since I was a child. I hope that one day I would be able to produce an album in the genre of Reggae. I love music on the whole whether it is World, Jazz or Classical and others. I think music is the explanation of love and the emotions of life around me, and it brings out in many ways the stories in our daily lives. I thank you for listing to me. GG
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