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album: Water Is Rising

genre: Psychedelic Rock

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Ecotone Refugees
About Us Ecotone Refugees
Ecotone Refugees is a four piece pych/rock band out of Brooklyn, New York. They have influences that range from the stoner rock of Sabbath, psych of Floyd and the innovation of QOTSA, also with the harder edge of modern rock. “We use all our favorite bands as good starting points for inspiration and run with it.”, says Dave. “Also the one conscious choice we make is to stay away from tradional chord changes,” adds Johnny. Instrument wise we tried to really stay with our idols using Gibson SG’s, Marshall stacks, using a Moog and no electronic tricks recording or for live play. All the tracks were recorded at Johnny’s Horizon Sound studio in Brooklyn using performance, punch ins, doubling tracks, and traditional mixing techniques. The line up is Johnny Young on vocals, guitar ,Moog, and keys, David Weise, vocals and bass, Sean Egan on guitar, Moog, and bass, and Michael Galante on drums. Michael is a Berklee College of Music alum who really understands the balance of technique and pure hard hitting style needed for rock. Sean, also a guitar shredder likes to slow it down to create more dynamics and concentrate on exploration over the speed he is capable of. Egan shows off his great bass skills on the track Losing Your Faith and plays the Moog in the live show, a true multi-instrumentalist. Weise has been writing and singing in local bands and recently picked up the bass. His approach on bass is to play traditional patterns to support the improv of the band. Also, as a writer/singer his song Mirror will appear on the movie “The Wrestler” soundtrack with the likes of Guns and Roses, Quiet Riot, Lil Wayne and Bruce Spingsteen. Johnny Young recently came off tour opening for the band UFO to start the band with Weise. Johnny sings, plays guitar, produces, and plays keys for starters. Also he is the true composer in the band and out of the band. Writing songs in a varied style ranging from rock to jazz to glam punk while producing local artists, even placing television music for Oprah. The Ecotone refugees are excited to play and record and are eager to make new fans.
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