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DBN the EP

The Killer

Divisible By None
About Us Divisible By None

From the far corners of the universe, to the inner expanses of your own mind, there is a sound. This sound has existed for all time and only comes to fruition when these four gentlemen take up there instruments and create an intense auditory excitement. The Kimbro with his meaty rhythms and powerfully passionate vocals, mixed with an uncanny ability to control even the wildest of crowds. Drew Allen with his electrifying leads and finely tuned musical abilities brings DBN the enormous sound that they are notorious for. Benard Sprouse, Quickly advancing to become one of the fastest, most innovative drummers of all time is constantly pushing the envelope on modern drumming. And The Bubble Gogger with his thunderous bass lines, filled with fancy fingering, and nearly ear piercing shrieks. It gets you up off your ****, head banging in recognition of the sound that is DIVISIBLE BY NONE~!

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