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By alan gringo, 2013-09-24

Anyone else hear about the kid who was hit with a brick and stabbed for his copy of “GTA5” on the night of its release. I think that's a pretty strong argument for the relationship between violent media and actual violence in life, although... I do understand that you could easily argue that that's just one person's actions. Personally I can see both sides of the discussion those who say it's a harmless outlet of stress and that most people don't associate the acts in their games with any kind of reality outside of them BUT I find myself swaying more and more to the opposite side which suggests that over a course of time you kids are being desensitized towards violence by playing games like GTA, begin to associate with it and are even conditioned into thinking in a new way or even copying acts in the games. I know that's an old cliche but I feel each image and act is a drop in the bucket which permanently stains the psyche. For instance I know the first time I heard "gangsta rap" I was upset by the nihilistic hate of it and violence described by it, fast forward a few years and I didn't even flinch at the same lyrics and was singing along with them. Also the first time I saw "Natural Born Killers" I was so disgusted by the way it glamorised violence I turned it off. So what was the turning point between my initial reactions and then the later acceptance? I can only blame a cycle of progressively violent media, which is ironic to some degree as that's what the Oliver Stone film is actually about. Some reports say violent crime is down over all but others say it's increasing and I'm not so sure these games are all that innocent anymore? What do you think?

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