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King Of Lies

King Of Lies

album: Diablo Royale

genre: Hard Rock

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Diablo Royale
About Us Diablo Royale

Gritty, Hard-Hitting Rock N’ Roll…that's the jam that NYC hard rock quintet Diablo Royale kicks out. The band's music aims to encompass "real-life" experiences and situations that can range anywhere from sexual innuendos to political satire, Choy explains: "We write about anything, nothing is off limits because there is so much that happens everyday. Be it the girlfriend, boss, parents, government or stupid stuff like getting too drunk or having a horrible day at work…those are all experiences that everyone can relate to at some point in their lives." Diablo Royale came into being when drummer Mike Sankari along with guitarists Eric Choy and Gerard Steixner got together from the ashes of their previous bands, to create a group that would encompass their idea of what rock n' roll should sound like. They began writing and auditioning musicians for over a year when they finally met singer Adrian Barrios and bassist Jason "Sweet Leaf" through an ad posted on the internet. With the lineup complete the five hunkered down in a basement studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (appropriately named "The Sweatshop") and crafted their first ten songs until they were ready for wax on their self-titled debut, released in February 2007. Taking their influences from the heavier bands ranging from Alice in Chains to Zeppelin, the final result can be best described as a bombastic sonic assault on the ears that is sure to knock you into next week! In a short amount of time the band has managed to cut their teeth in the local clubs of New York City while also extended their reach as far as the Midwest. Bassist Jason Leaf sums it up perfectly, "We're looking to infect the masses with our brand of rock n' roll!" Read More at http://www.diabloroyale.net/story.shtml

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