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Genocidal Deliverance

Genocidal Deliverance

album: Seven Sins

genre: Metal

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Dark Nova
About Us Dark Nova

Dark Nova Dark Nova is responsible for that blinding flash of cosmic fire in your brain. This West Virginia thrash act is a rivet gun of brutal grooves and metal hooks. There's enough power here to fuel a 1,000-year-mosh. Call it transcendence through pain or blood catharsis through speed or bliss under the crushing weight of massive music.Dark Nova started in the summer of 2005 where life long friends Braden Layne and Greg Gravely started playing just for fun with Metallica covers and other bands in that nature.It was a few months later when bass player Dustin Lester joined the band and later Derrick Cline (who is Greg's brother)to form what is now Dark Nova.Over the past few years the band has been climbing the local metal scene with there overly exciting shows and growing fan base.Dark Nova is without a doubt going to be a force to be reckoned with. State of Nirvana Calm through the loud. Music is an jet plane to the stratosphere for the members of Dark Nova. The music is heavy, fast and compelling; it's an assault on the ears – granted, a welcome on – but in the midst of this is the chance to abandon the body and become pure being – pure, headbanging being, at any rate. “It's kind of a state of nirvana when we listen to music,” says Dark Nova. “Those chills that some get when they listen to music has nothing on what we feel. It's almost orgasmic.” Nonetheless, Dark Nova is out to give listeners a taste of that metalligasm in their own brains through the love and fists of their music. Never Give Up If there's one resounding message to absorb from the punishing metal of Dark Nova, it is that of strength. “Never give up, never give up, never ... give ... up!” So says Dark Nova. And that core idea runs throughout all their songs. Independence, personal power, not backing down. It's the iconoclasm that has driven metal from the onset and continues to drive metal through the power of Dark Nova. The Artist at Work Dark Nova has appeared on New York's “Sinister Music Vol. 48: Screaming to Be Heard” metal compilation. The band plans to kick off touring late in 2007 and hit as many states as possible in a 6-to-8-month string of gigs. The band's got a new album with which to slaughter listeners. It's called “7 Sins.” It was recorded at 101 Productions in Sissonville where Byzantine does its recording with Aaron Phisher. Dark Nova is currently working with A&R Select, the world's leading independent artist development firm, based out of Los Angeles, CA. “The riffage is righteous and the attitude alone will chew you up and spit you out.” - A&R Select

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