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By cooley, 2008-09-21

Cooley sound is very universal! His sound caters to the world, he can be hyphy like other Bay Area Artist, He can make songs with that East Coast Sounds. He can make party music for the clubs! Also that down south music that everyone loves!!

San Francisco, CA. August 4, 2006

Cooley is a new artist out of San Francisco who is about to set new heights. With his intoxicating rhymes and productions he cannot fail. He is joining by features that compliment his style completely. With his hyper stage presence. He can easily turn any event into a party!
Marie Loggia-Kee says "With every listen, II Kold gets better and better." "Cooley's styling is cooler that a balmy winter night in his hometown, San Francisco;" From LA Music Guide. "Solid rhyming skills showcase Cooley's potential to be a major rap contender," David Alston, Exclusive Magazine. Now with the soon to be release album "Grown **** Man". Cooley has envolve to a complet artist, producer & performer. Contact Clinton or Andre to license any songs for movies, commercials. etc.

For Booking:
Czechmate Entertainment P.O. Box 24090 / San Francisco, CA. 94124-4090
Clinton Gasaway or Andre Louis at 415 267-6972, 415 370-6229 or
czechmateent@aol.com or czechmate_cphive@yahoo.com

About Us Cooley

Cooley is a multi-faceted rap artist and media producer. Having just returned from Korea, headlining two packed shows of nearly 1,000 fans, he is planning a return Asia tour for July 2007. Cooley has turned out crowds in New Mexico, Texas, and Georgia. But, most importantly all over Northern California at clubs including Velvet Lounge, Lamia, Simone’s, The Apollo Theater, Spy Club and Kimball’s East and more. Cooley, aka Corwin Cooley, was born in Louisiana and raised in San Francisco. He left San Francisco to study Radio/Television/Film production at Clark Atlanta University in Georgia. An expert at audio visual software and hardware, Cooley has built and operates his own recording studio, producing under the label Czechmate Entertainment. Czechmate Entertainment production credits include (in addition to Cooley’s own albums): Munip, Munipulation, 2001, Rap/Hip Hop; Macho, For Respect, 2005, Rap/Hip Hop; A1, 100% Yola, 2005 Rap/Hip Hop; Danielle, A Girl’s Hood Story, 2005, R&B; Tabb, The Coach, 2006, Rap/Hip Hop;Czechmate, Up Ya Game, 2005, Rap/hip Hop∧ many more single songs. Cooley’s first two rap albums Interstate to Hell (2002) and II Kold (2004), boasts the beats and intense lyrical skills of a veteran rapper in the making. Fans of Slum Village, Dr. Dre, Common, Andre 3000 and Dj Quick will Love Cooley’s refined craft in the soon to be released third album Found My Swag. Samples of this album along with video of Cooley on stage in Seoul: http://www.myspace.com/czechmateent For booking or to learn more about Cooley, please contact: czechmateent@aol.com,- OR Cooley direct at: Studio (415) 531-5940 czechmateent@sbcglobal.net REVIEWS! Click here to write a review about this CD! CD BABY - independent music distribution | HOSTBABY - web hosting for musicians | FILMBABY - for filmmakers "An artist cannot fail. It is a success to be one." - Charles Horton Cooley

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