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For The Love

For The Love

album: Mind Over Melody

genre: Rap

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About Us AZitiZ
AZitiZ isn't content to leave the music world as it is. This is an artist ready to leave a crater – that is, she's gonna make an impact. Her evocative blend of hip-hop and soul elements ride an electric line along the cutting edge of urban music creativity. At the same time, she keeps a grip on the staple elements in which the genres are rooted. Catchy doesn't even begin to describe the hook-heavy infectiousness that pull the listener into a world of vital words and potent grooves.

An Honest Connection

AZitiZ doesn't insult listeners. She doesn't hypnotize the uninspired with heard-it-before complacency. Her artistry is grounded in originality and truth-speaking. Musically, AZitiZ crafts songs that come alive with the fervent spirit of creativity in which they are formed. Lyrically, AZitiZ speaks what she knows, never faking and never, ever hiding from reality. Music, for her, is about joy, freedom, honesty and forming a connection with others. At the core is getting in touch with others through music. To make that connection, the music has to have something real to offer the listener, which is where keeping it real and refusing to water down the message – for anyone or any reason – come into play. The spirit of joy and the exuberance of freedom come from that synergy, possible only through talent and truth.

True Expression

There's a reason for the strict standards behind the music of AZitiZ. Love doesn't lie. Pure human artistic communication occurs only through the honesty exercised in one's craft. “True expression is love,” says AZitiZ. Therefore, to truly express one's self, it must be from love, the truest form of which requires emotional, artistic and intellectual honesty in songwriting. Which means nothing is taboo. The good of life, and the bad, are all sources of influence for AZitiZ and her music. A fascination with the wonder of existence is also necessary for that special spark that's found in good music. “Life inspires me, the ups, the downs, smiles and frowns. Mother Earth inspires me; the stars and the unknown intrigue me. I am influenced by people who follow the heart and, especially, the soul.”

The Artist at Work

AZitiZ is at work writing a project called “Kuru Dynasty,” a collaborative effort with a fellow hip-hop artist; she's also in the studio regularly. Her first album is called “Notes of Transcendence.” The upcoming “Kuru Dynasty” is the next chapter in her musical canon. AZitiZ is currently working with A&R Select, the world's leading independent artist development firm, based out of Los Angeles, CA.

“AZitiZ is a forthright performer, one of strength and integrity, and – most importantly – understanding.” – A&R Select
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