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The Straits Of Mackinaw

The Straits Of Mackinaw

album: The Straits Of Mackinaw

genre: Country

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Randy Jack
About Us Randy Jack

A Unique voice and a total stage presence is consistent presence at a Randy Jack Show. He engages his audience with Charisma, Humor and talent for an entertaining evening. His songs will make you laugh & Cry but he's country back to it's roots

From the City that brought you Motown, Madonna, Kid Rock, Josh Groban, and Aretha Franklin. Comes Singer/Songwriter Randy Jack a Michigan native who’s authentic, unique country voice has a style of it’s own. In a WCXI listener's poll in Detroit Randy was voted the #1 country entertainer in southeastern Michigan by the listeners. Randy then headlined the “Detroit's Best Country” outdoor concert that followed the listeners voting. Born and raised in Michigan Randy performed at the Michigan state fair multiple times ahead of stars like Tony Orlando, Ray Charles, Ann Murray. He later shared the stage with country greats Ernest Tubb, Billy Crash Craddock, Jerry Lee Lewis, & Tanya Tucker, to name a few. He made multiple appearances on local TV in Detroit and wrote and performed the theme song to the local stars of tomorrow TV show on Channel 2. He also performed on the Soupy Sales Telethon on channel 20 . Appearances were made on channels 7, and 50 as well. He is currently the 2018 MCGMA/OBCMA male vocalist and Entertainer of the year for independent country artist. On the national stage Randy Won two CMA awards at the North American Country Music Association International in Pigeon Forge TN . He is the 2019 Male Horizon Entertainer of The Year, and the 2019 Male Rising Star Vocalist of The Year. Randy has written several songs, some are slated to be released in 2019. His first album "Love is taking over" received great reviews . But, his new release "One of those nights" is thought to be his best work yet. Randy has also released his first Christmas Single "Wrap me in your love" originally recorded on the Mr Christmas album by Joe Diffie this is it's first release as a single and so far the reviews have been stellar . Randy's version of the song has that smooth country feel he is known for. He has a new single coming in 2019 "The Straits Of Mackinaw" and a new album to be released in 2019. Randy has been singing since he was a child, encouraged by his family he never let go of his love for music instead he embraced it. At one point in his career after becoming one of the most well known country artists in southeastern Michigan, Randy made a crucial decision to walk away from a promising career to be a Father to his two children he had to leave back in Michigan while traveling on the road. Now, years later he's brought back that distinct country voice and showmanship he is known for. Currently, you will find Randy in the July 2018 edition of Nashville Country Music Magazine with Tanya Tucker on the cover. Also, in the Broadtube music channel blog in Nashville and a full interview in Artistrack.com as well as SongPerk music blog. Early fans and new fans alike are all enjoying this new version of Randy Jack and you will too!

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