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I Love You (When I Leave You)

I Love You (When I Leave You)

album: Black Light

genre: Rock

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About Us Ivory

Band Description

With legends of rock akin to Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Queen dominating their list of musical inspirations, Ivory are now branding their own style of rock with echoes of these powerful voices and melodies evident throughout their music.

The throttle is open and these two boys are roaring down the highway to hell...

As a kid, Kenny used to dress up as Gene Simmons and mime Kiss songs in front of his captive family audience. As a teenager he was the ‘muso’ at school with his Led Zeppelin patch and long Bon Jovi style hair. In his early twenties he sang as a 1st Tenor with the Australian Welsh Male Choir and rubbed shoulders with some Australian music royalty.

And then there was Ivory. Along with RAA heavy hitter drummer Gordon ‘Nads’ Koenig as Ivory’s other permanent member, Kenny Knox has honed his skill as a multi-instrumentalist songwriter releasing six albums since 1997. 

It hasn’t been an easy run for these guys after losing Nikki Smith in 2004 who was Ivory’s bass player, songwriter and Kenny’s wife. You can hear the loss in many songs since then, but there are also songs of positivity and a spiritual will to continue.

One thing is for certain, Ivory rocks!

You can hear them in all their glory on the latest album Black Light. The throttle is open and these two boys are roaring down the highway to hell paying homage to some of their favourite bands along the way - a real belter of an album.

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